“GUNDAM Open Innovation” site opened

BANDAI NAMCO Group’s sustainable project “GUNDAM UNIVERSAL CENTURY DEVELOPMENT ACTION (GUDA)”. As part of this activity, a new program “GUNDAM Open Innovation” started to solicit new ideas and technologies for societal issues.
In “GUNDAM Open Innovation”, we reconsider the fictitious year “Universal Century” that appears in the story of “Mobile Suit GUNDAM “.
As in the world of “GUNDAM”, we are looking broadly for innovative ideas and technologies, related to sustainable themes/domains that could help future society deal with the same problems as the GUNDAM world, such as over-population, environmental destruction, and space colonization.
We, BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc. are in charge of the secretariat of ” GUNDAM Open Innovation” and are pleased to inform you that the site has newly opened.

“GUNDAM Open Innovation” site: